Baptism is a simple ceremony of the washing with water which has been practiced by Christians since the beginning of the Church. It signifies the cleansing from sin that Jesus’ death makes possible, and the new life that God gives us through the Holy Spirit. In Baptism, the promises of God are visibly signed and sealed for us.  We are joined to Christ, and made members of his body, the Church universal.

Baptism of Infants

Baptism requires parents and Godparents to state their Christian faith and promise to raise their child as a Christian.  This is done with the understanding that the child will confirm their own personal faith in Christ as they mature.  During our Sunday service, we spend time with the parents guiding them in understanding what they are promising and giving them help in ways to develop the faith of their children.

Baptism for older children, teens and adults can also be arranged. Preparation for Baptism is given to those who believe God is calling them to take this next step in their faith.

Thanksgiving for a Child

(Dedication of a child)

Some parents want their child to make the choice to be baptised when they are older and they may choose to have a thanksgiving service (dedication) instead. We are happy to provide this for the family with the understanding that this carries significant commitment also by the parents. God has entrusted them to the spiritual care of their children and the importance of guiding their children to develop a strong faith in Jesus.