Winter Warmers

Winter Warmer Hampers are provided to vulnerable families in the Carrum/Seaford area through schools and kindergartens – this may expand as funds permit.

Families identified by each participating school receive a hamper of new winter goods at the start of June in time for the colder weather. In the pilot year, 2011, hampers were delivered to 29 families and in 2012, 27 families (111 people) were supported.

The aim of the program is to provide some physical and emotional support by demonstrating that the local community cares. All goods are new and include items such as blankets, gloves, socks, beanies, baby clothes, food and grocery vouchers. The content of the packs is adjusted to suit the specific family members.

Hampers are distributed to the families through school and kindergarten staff. Families are not identified & their privacy is maintained. Schools that have participated previously include: Carrum Primary,  Seaford Primary,  Seaford North Primary, and the Rene Anderson Kindergarten.

If you would like to help:

Thank-you! Help is most needed as follows:

Donating Time: Making Children’s Scarves, Hats, Baby Wear, and making Baby Blankets.

(Donated wool is available for this.)

Donating New Goods: Wool, Adult or Children’s sized socks, Gloves, Beanies, and New Blankets.

Donating Money: For purchase of Special grocery vouchers (no alcohol or cigarettes) as well as any missing hampers items.

If you would like a hamper:

Please speak to the Principal of your school about participating in the program.

Hamper requests are due from schools in May.

To maintain privacy we do not have direct contact with hamper recipients.

If you would like more information:

Please contact Parish Office on (03) 9772 1251 or email [email protected]