Sunday Services

‘They devoted themselves to teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.’ Acts 2:42

Each week we gather together to worship God as a community to encourage and support each other as we grow in our faith. We open and reflect on God’s Word, and share in the Lord’s Supper together, as well as spending time praying as a community. Each of our Sunday Services has Christ as its focal point, yet each Service lends its own nuance to worshiping our God.  

We have Sunday Services at both of our Worship Centres, St Chad’s and St Aidan’s. We Livestream our 10am Sunday Service for those who cannot make it on-site on a Sunday on our YouTube Channel.

 We also have Tuesday Lunch Church, when Covid permits. This unique Worship Service is message-based and seeks to encourage the faith of those who attend our Matt’s Place Community Meal they investigate who God is to them.  

St Chad’s Services

10am every Sunday 
This is a contemporary service that caters to families and has Communion. 

8am every first and third Sunday of the month.
This Service is a traditional Anglican Prayer Book Service and has Holy Communion 

11am Tuesday Lunch Church 
This Service is a short, informal service that is partnered with a meal and that seeks to encourage those who are investigating matters of faith. 

St Aidan’s Services

11am every second and fourth Sunday of the month  
This is a contemporary service that caters to all ages and has Communion.