The Baptism Follow Up Group at Longbeach Parish is there to support you in your decision to bring yourself or your child for baptism.  Details of your upcoming baptism are handed to us by the priest who has spoken with you in preparation.  As soon as we have your baptism request form we’ll start praying for the person being baptised, their parents, godparents, friends, and sponsors.

Prior to your baptism we’ll touch base with you, usually over the phone, and chat about any needs you might have at your upcoming baptism.  On the day we’ll make sure we say hello.  And then after the baptism, as our group name suggests, we’ll be following you up in a number of ways.  You’ll probably receive a letter pretty soon after your baptism detailing ‘where to go from here.  One of us might pop in and say hello.  From time to time we’ll call and let you know when a family service is on.  And occasionally there will be a letter or flyer regarding some upcoming events at Longbeach Parish.  We also send cards on the anniversary of your baptism and would encourage you to pop in and say hello to us any time.  We regularly pray for people who have been baptised at Longbeach Parish.